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step one (Deciding):

decide the Level and Major you want: e.g., Master, Economy

choose a Program:      e.g., Master of Business Administration (MBA)

choose your specialization:    e.g., sales and marketing

made your choices

if you still have any open questions or need advice, please contact our admission department [email protected]

this step is free of charge, you are not asked to pay anything, in case you decided to study another specialization or level, there's plenty of time to have a better look into your application and tell you what the best option for you with us is.

Step Two (Submission):

once all your questions are cleared and you are ready, you have to submit your application, we will answer you within 3 working days; if any document still missing, we will ask you to send us the rest of the document by email.

All documents should be translated into English Language and submitted via the online application which is found on this page 

Please attach the following documents:

·         Copy of your academic certificates

·         Proof of English Language

·         curriculum vitae (CV)

·         work references (if available)

·         copy of passport or an official id (in Latin Alphabet)

after the submission, you will be re-direct into our PayPal account to pay the registration fee of 90 Euro. You can decide to pay the registration fee or wait to have at first initial feedback on your document before paying the registration fee. This feedback is not binding and not final as it is done based on a very superficial check.

step three (Acceptance)

after we received the registration fee, we will send you an official “Acceptance Letter” with this letter you will be guaranteed a place to study however sometimes you will be asked to pay a small part of the study fee.

Step four (payment and start)

As a minimum, the first-year fee must be paid 2-4 weeks before the intake, and then we will send you all your educational details and information. Congratulation, you are officially a student at the Open University of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv.

Undergraduate students who pay the full program in advance get 10% fee reduction.