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Tuition Fee

This is fact-finding information for foreign students at Open University of Taras Shevchenko National University.

·         The Regular duration of all our Bachelor programs is 4 years;

·         The Regular duration of all our Master programs is 2 years;

·         The Regular duration of all our Bachelor programs is 3 years;

·         Max. Duration of all our Programs is seven years.


This fees valid for all programs at KNUOU

1.    Mandatory fees *

a.       Annual tuition fee: 1990 Euro.

b.      Registration fee: 90 Euro (one-time payment)

c.       Examination fee: 50 Euro per exam

d.      Online Graduation fee (e- certificate): 150 Euro

e.      Thesis printing fee: 9 Euro per 1000 words

f.        Thesis Defence: 390 Euro for all students


2.    Optional additional fee *

A.      Any electronic document: 9 Euro 

B.      Any hard copy signed document: 190 Euro 

C.      Hard copy graduation package: 1990 Euro

D.     Non-official e-Transcript: 490 Euro

E.      Non-official hard copy transcript: 990 Euro

F.       Supervisor by request and availability: 990 Euro per semester

G.     Private individual teaching by request and availability: 90 Euro per hour.

H. Shipment by regular post 9 Euro and by secure shipment 150 euro (up to 200 grams)


* All above mentioned fee are subject to AQT tax of 8.8%. Don’t mix with VAT.