Master Study Programmes

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Here are listed the most known Master programs.

For non-listed Master programs, such as Geography, History, etc. please contact the admission department by email [email protected]

The Regular duration of all our Master's programs is 2 years. Max. Duration is seven years


Institute of Economics

1.       Master in eBusiness

2.       Master in Business Research Methods

3.       Master in Dynamic Websites and Management

4.       Master in Hospitality, Event Management and Tourism

5.       Master in Global Management

6.       Master in ICT Management

7.       Master in Strategic Operations Management

8.       Master in Accounting

9.       Master in Human Resources Management

10.   Master in International Marketing

11.   Master in Nutrition and Food Service Management

12.   Master in Hospitality Management

13.   Master in Hotel Management

14.   Master in Managerial Psychology

15.   Master in Strategic Management

16.   Master in Sustainable Management of Raw Material Supply

17.   Master in Sales Management

18.   Master in Digital Marketing & Social Media

19.   Master in International Marketing Strategy

20.   Master in in International Management

21.   Master in Finance and Accounting

22.   Master in Information and Knowledge Management

23.   Master in Leadership

24.   Master in Hospital and Clinical Management

25.   Master in eMarketing

26.   Master in Media and communications for Business

27.   Master in Hospitality & Hotel Management

28.   Master in National Security Management

29.   Master in Business Economics


Institute of Health Care:

1.       Master of Advanced Studies in Nutrition & Dietetics

2.       Master of Advanced Studies in Public Health

3.       Master of Advanced Studies in Health Sciences

4.       Master of Advanced Studies in Food Technology

5.       Master of Advanced Studies in Nutrition and Food

6.       Master in Dietetics and Food Administration


Institute of Computer Science and Cybernetics

1.       Master in Mathematics & Statistics

2.       Master in Information Technology


Institute of Psychology

1.       International Master in Psychology

2.       Master in Social work

3.       Master in Social rehabilitation

4.       Master in Social pedagogy

5.       Master in Pedagogy of high school

6.       Master in Management of the institution

Institute of Sociology  

1.       International Master in Sociology

2.       International Doctorate in Sociology


Institute of Law  

1.       Master in International Law


Institute of Journalism

1.       Master in Journalism and Media Management


Institute of Political Science and International Relations

1.       Master in International Relations

2.       Master in Political Science


Institute of Information Technology

1.       Master in Information Technology

2.       Master in Information Management

3.       Master in Business IT